Design survey

To get some thoughts on what other people thought about a portable set designed for cabarets i constructed a survey and gave 8 people one to fill out on my next visit to Downfield Musical Society.

The question was;

1.Describe using 5 words what the key features for a portable cabaret set design are?

2.What is the first image that comes to mind of what this portable set would look like ?

3.Can you draw it or sketch it ?

Here are the sheets filled out ……

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From these sheets the description words were really helpful.  Some of the words were; simple, lightweight, adjustable, attractive, re-usable, durable and easily assembled. As you can see from the drawings there is a similar thought on what a portable set would look like. From this research i hope to be able to design something that doesn’t look like a typical stage but still defines the area as a performance space.



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