Today i spoke to Ross Leslie who is a fourth year interior design student at DJCAD. He is also producing a set design for ‘Into the Woods’ for his final year project so i thought it would be a good idea to have a chat with him to see what he thought about my ideas so far.

After explaining my idea and how i wanted to carry this theme into 4th year Ross suggested that this might be difficult and that i might get bored of doing the same show over the next year. Suggesting that i might be better to concentrate on a smaller part of the back to the 80’s show and then carry the idea of wanting to design for stage production in 4th year but choose a different show that i could design the whole set for. He also gave me a book to have a look at titled Collaborators – UK design for performance. 2003-2007.

Feeling a bit confused however gaining some inspiration from the Collaborators book. I had a chat with our year tutor Linsey and explained that after speaking to Ross i was a bit unsure of where to go next.

I decided that i was going to design a portable set for a that could be used for cabarets. This set will be mainly designed for back to the 80’s show but also easily changed for other performances.

The questions i have to ask myself when designing this are;

1. Is it a theatre with a space ?

2. how do the audience interact ?

3. how many actors can fit on ?

4. how does it change for other shows?

5. is for inside / outside use?

6. Im i going to make this full scale in 8 weeks?

7. what is achievable in 8  weeks ?

8. why is it the way it is ? ie. what research relates to it being designed the way it is.


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