Tiny Travelling Theatre by Aberrant Architecture

A mobile theatre will visit Clerkenwell Design Week in London this May, inspired by a miniature concert hall above a coal-shed that used to be in the area in the seventeenth century.

Designed by London studio Aberrant Architecture, the Tiny Travelling Theatre will draw on contemporary accounts to replicate some of the attributes of the original coal shed, which was home to Clerkenwell resident and coal salesman Thomas Britton. He lived above his coal shed and started putting on a music club with a harpsichord and organ in 1678.


Tiny Travelling Theatre

For Clerkenwell design week we propose to reawaken Britton’s maverick idea of a miniature concert hall for Clerkenwell and reimagine it as a tiny travelling theatre. Our new “SMALL-COAL-MAN’S tiny travelling theatre” will occupy multiple locations around the area and will host a series of events that revive & explore the intense emotion of a micro live performance. Inspired by small one-to-one spaces, such as a confessional booth or a peepshow, the “SMALL-COAL-MAN’S tiny travelling theatre” will create a direct and intimate interaction of artists with a minute audience of 2- 6 people.

Thoughts –

I think this is a really quirky idea and it relates a lot to my project. Its almost like a show in its self  as when this piece pulls up and ‘explodes’ into a performance it would be amazing to watch.  In my head i have a more modern look on how i’m going to be designing my portable cabaret. However those drawings above have a inspired me a lot to to achieve an exploded view for my final outcome as it completely sums up the whole travelling theatre in one image.


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