Mobile performance spaces

1.Ibrahim Elhayawan & Jim Dodson – Mobile Performance Venue, Norway

Touted to be the largest transportable performance space in the world, this inflatable creation is 3,900 square metres and can house 3,500 standing guests. Set up requires 2 weeks, while teardown requires just 1 week.

2.Student led project – mobile performance space for degree show 2009

3.The Winnipeg Cube helps define an open-air performance space. The metal mesh pulls back to reveal the stage. (5468796 Architecture Inc.)

The Cube, also known as OMS Stage, was hailed for its innovative metal mesh design, which draws back to reveal a stage and can be adapted for everything from concerts to parties.

4.Inflatable Diamond Grid Eco-Pavilion by Various Architect

Various Architects recently designed this striking Renaissance Pavilion for a competition to create a mobile performance space for Yorkshire Forward. Based upon a set of structural concepts perfected in their collapsible stadium, the inflatable event space is ultra-portable, generates all of its ownenergy, and is 100% recyclable. A gridded diamond facade conceals a faceted interior space reminiscent of the coal mines found throughout Yorkshire. The venue can be easily reconfigured to hold both small and large crowds, and it’s versatile enough to host everything from intimate gatherings to outdoor concerts.

Various Architects, Yorkshire Renaissance Pavilion, Sustainable Design, Collapsible Pavilion, Mobile Pavilion, Inflatable Design


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