This blog as been created to combine my two third year modules. The first one being a “personal project” through my discipline of interior design which we have been asked to chose a subject/area that we are most interested in which could also lead into our final 4th year project. The second one being my Research and Creative Practise module which asks me to write a literature review on a subject/area of interest which we can also lead into our dissertation for final year.

The topic I have chosen for my lit review/ personal project is Theatre and Set Design.  This interest has come from a hobby and if you like job that I am currently involved in in my spare time. I have been involved in a lot of choreography in musical theatre performances and the set design has always engaged me. This opportunity to be able research this in depth is something that will help me in the future.

For my Interior design project in 3rd year I have chosen to combine this research and creative practice module with my personal project. I Thought this would be a good idea as I am going to be keeping my research ongoing through the research and creative practise module and be able to design something from this research in my interior design module.

I am going to look mainly at modern stage design that convey the message of the production through use of minimal stage design and also look at how the message is conveyed easily with regards to lighting and set together. . I intend to interview current stage directors and other professional technicians to gain a better understanding of their approach and to explore a practical opportunity for me to develop skills. This aspect will also support my interior design personal project as i am designing the set for a show titled “Back to the 80’s”.

Age ; 22

Born; Dundee

Full Time;  Third year student at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design (DJCAD) studying Interior & Environmental Design.

Part Time; Dance & Zumba coach for Dundee City Council.

Interests; Dancing and performing in musical theatre productions.


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